vanessa zalik
about me

Every powerful brand has a voice.

I've spent my career honing my skills to create powerful messages through social media and maintaining the integrity and vision of the companies I work with to ensure that their voice is demonstrated in every outlet and post.

I believe that my role is ultimately a story-teller. Every ad, video, post or event is a reflection of your company's story and I am here to tell it. In a world that inundates our consumers with messaging, I understand the importance of capitalizing on those powerful moments in a way that is both subtle, but memorable.

My own story: I am an adventurer with a passion for travel and helping others. I've circumnavigated the world on a ship, which certainly allowed me to experience interacting with a vast variety of cultures. After moving to Chicago from Los Angeles, I began my career in healthcare. I currently oversee the communications of a thriving medical group, highly awarded Neurosciences program, Senior Life Communities and Behavioral Health Services. Additionally, I sit on our communities Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity.

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